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iDESIGN began in 1974 as a housewares design company with a core goal in mind – to offer innovative storage products for the home at a reasonable price.
Based in Solon, Ohio, just outside of Cleveland. iDESIGN have grown to be a global leader in housewares with distribution facilities in NorthEast Ohio, Europe and China. iDesign products are now available in over 100 countries across multiple continents.
iDESIGN's mission is to make everyday living easier with innovative products designed to help people organise and enhance their home with style.

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Polarbox maximum insulation coolers are offered in two sizes: 12L and 20L capacity. Featuring a retro vintage design in a variety of attractive colors. The adjustable leather strap adds convenience for carrying and the convertible lid doubles as a table-tray, providing added functionality.
Durable and built to last, Polarbox ensures long lasting and reliable cooling. Designed and manufactured in Spain by Polisur. 

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Reinvent. Grow. Evolve. Reach the goal and, once achieved, start again. 
This is the philosophy that drives ROLSER: constant innovation, a commitment to designing products that grow and evolve at the pace of people’s lives, in tune with their needs. Creativity and practicality set the course of their work, incorporating state-of-the-art industrial design along with the highest levels of quality and safety.


Butler combines Anasazi’s experience with the talent and passion of various international designers.Concepts and designs based on form, texture, material and colour. The result, a collection that appeals to the senses, fulfils a function and is developed to the highest quality. Unity of life and art form; an ethos from which the brand will continue to evolve.

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Quality materials, practicality, functionality and handiness, together with exquisite design and meticulous attention to detail are what make Foppapedretti one of the Italian industrial scene's most solid companies, as well as an important player on the world's Made in Italy stage.

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Palomar is an Italian company that has been one of the leading traditional  lorentine optic companies since 1956. Palomar’s collection of designer items has now been enriched by Crumpled City, innovative soft maps for the cities of the world, designed by Emanuele Pizzolorusso. These unique and virtually indestructible maps don’t need folding! Made of a special material that is soft, extremely light, tear resistant and 100% waterproof.

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