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InterDesign is a dynamic force in the international housewares and home fashions industry. Desgining and producing objects for the home, these are objects that combine innovative design, a high-fashion sensibility, and competitive pricing. After 40 years, this global brand is still going strong..not bad for a company that started in little ‘ol Solon, Ohio.

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Umbra is a collection of consumer products developed with intelligent design as the focus. Objects are innovative and functional to keep pace with changing lifestyles.There would be no Umbra without design.

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Palomar is an Italian company that has been one of the leading traditional  lorentine optic companies since 1956. Palomar’s collection of designer items has now been enriched by Crumpled City, innovative soft maps for the cities of the world, designed by Emanuele Pizzolorusso. These unique and virtually indestructible maps don’t need folding! Made of a special material that is soft, extremely light, tear resistant and 100% waterproof.

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Urban Lines combines Anasazi’s experience (23 years in the industry) with the talent and passion of various international designers.Concepts and designs based on form, texture, material and colour. The result, a collection that appeals to the senses, fulfils a function and is developed to the highest quality. Unity of life and art form; an ethos from which the brand will continue to evolve.

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Quality materials, practicality, functionality and handiness, together with exquisite design and meticulous attention to detail are what make Foppapedretti one of the Italian industrial scene's most solid company, as well as an important player on the world's Made in Italy stage.

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This project began in 2011, when we gathered the expertise of
20 years developing home accessories for the most demanding
department stores of Europe and North America and decided to
do some experiments with ceramics. The result was our beautiful
collection of organic stoneware, handpainted with the boldness
required to bring the tableware game to a whole new level.
Inspired in interesting places around the world,
we launched the first five lines exclusively in the UK.