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About Anasazi

Today Anasazi Trading Pty Ltd is recognised worldwide as a quality brand house distributor. Brands distributed by Anasazi include iDesign, Butler, Palomar, Foppapedretti and Urban Lines. The product range consists of over 2500 contemporary lifestyle products for use in the bathroom, kitchen, office, living spaces and gift items.


This 30 year strong business blends simplicity, function and style, providing retailers with up to date lifestyle products for all areas of the home. The idea of being able to create and distribute innovative and intelligent designed products that could be used everyday is Anasazi’s point of difference. Anasazi products serve a purpose and are also aesthetically appealing. Products that can be used in any home and are accessible to all. Everyday objects that make you feel good reflect Anasazi’s personality and dictum.


From humble beginnings in a friend’s garage, Anasazi Director Margaret Butler identified homewares as an emerging and high growth market. Originally working in the textile industry, Butler decided to begin her venture in this area. “You can’t go into business for the money, you have to go into business for the passion,” she says. Anasazi was established in 1992 by founder and Managing Director, Margaret Butler. The company was named after the very first tribe to inhabit the Grand Canyon region of North America. The first group to ever create what is known today as "Homewares". They created baskets, bowls & other items from stone & natural compositions. Our first range released in 1992 was stainless steel accessories for the bath and kitchen. At the time, this composition was used almost exclusively in commercial application. We pioneered the concept into the domestic consumer market. The products sold quickly and we soon established a distribution base of several hundred retailers within the first year. Today, Anasazi sells to more than 1500 leading retailers globally.